Frequently Asked Questions

This page serves to answer general questions and admission related questions that may arise for you as a prospective student.

Where can I find more information about the admission process?
All relevant information regarding the admission process are centralised here.

Does the MBF programme allow students to work alongside studying?
The MBF is a full-time programme with a demanding curriculum and working part-time can be challenging. However, due to our flexible curriculum, you can chose when you want to take your classes. Therefore, taking up a part-time job is possible, but you might have to prolong your studies beyond three semesters.

Can I go on an exchange semester?
In the MBF we offer you the possibility to broaden your horizon and study abroad. You can go on exchange from the third semester onwards. 

Can I take part in a double degree programme as a MBF student?
Yes, you find more information relating to the double degree program here.

When can I start the MBF?
You can only start the MBF programme in the fall semester, which usually begins in calendar week 38. The MBF Integration Days, mandatory for all MBF students, start in St. Gallen in calendar week 36.

How many semesters does the MBF take to complete?
The MBF is designed as a three semesters programme. However, some students decide to study for four semesters and take a semester leave for additional internships.

Which courses can I take?
The MBF programme is very flexible and allows you to specialize in your personal area of interest. You will have to take only three compulsory courses. We highly recommend you to take the compulsory courses in your first semester as they serve as the basis for the elective courses. The curriculum page gives you an overview of the course structure in the MBF.

Do you provide housing?
The University of St.Gallen does not offer campus housing, but it is not very difficult to find housing in St. Gallen (e.g. Sharing is Caring University of St. Gallen group on Facebook). The Housing Office provides you with further information.

I applied to the MBF last year unsuccessfully. Can I reapply this year?
Yes, you can reapply once by submitting an entirely new application.

What profile are you looking for?
We are looking for students with a strong academic background and proven interest in finance. You should aim to continue your career path in the financial industry, consulting or in academia. In particular, we value if you have already gained work experience in finance and can demonstrate that you thrive in an international environment.  

When will I be informed whether my application was successful?
Our advice is to apply as soon as possible as we admit students on a rolling basis. You will hear back from us as soon as we reviewed your application.

How do you convert my GPA into the Swiss grading system?
We convert grades based on previous experience and the distribution of grades. The specific conversion depends on the country and university where your Bachelor’s degree was obtained.

Do I have to take an English test?
It is your responsibility to ensure that your command of the language of instruction is sufficient to allow you to complete your studies successfully. Recommended level at the start of the study is at least C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Can I submit my GMAT/GRE results after the application deadline?
No, the GMAT/GRE results have to be submitted until the official application deadline. We recommend that you take your GMAT/GRE test in due time. 

What are the GMAT, GRE and TOEFL Codes?
GRE: 7202
TOEFL institution code: 7202 (no department code)
Besides automatically giving permission to the test-taking institution to submit the respective score report directly to us, you can also simply submit the pdf of the score report you receive within your regular application.

My undergraduate studies were not in Business or Economics, can I still apply?
You Bachelor’s degree needs to contain at least 60 ECTS in Economics or Business and a further 6 ECTS in Mathematics or Statistics. For further information please refer to Article 2 of the Admission Regulations or contact the admission office directly.

Can I defer my admission to the programme?
No, but you may apply again next year. Your application will be reconsidered along with the new applications received.

Who has to attend the MBF Integration Days?
Starting from the 2017 intake, every student (including students holding a degree from the University of St. Gallen) has to attend the MBF Integration Days taking place in calendar week 36.